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2021 CaberNat

2021 CaberNat
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Elkhorn Peak's inaugural vintage of CaberNat is here!

Composition: 100% Estate Grown Cabernet Sauvignon
Clone: 337 Cabernet Sauvignon
pH: 3.53
RS: 11 g/L (Brut)
Alcohol: 11.5%
Production: 30 cases

About this wine: Lightly sparkling with a kiss of sweetness; the color is a beautiful electric red. Prominent flavors of raspberries and apple. Medium-bodied, with a tangy citrus finish. A fun, refreshing wine. 


We planted our Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard in 2018 and our first Cab harvest took place on a memorable evening on September 21, 2021! Our inaugural Cabernet Sauvignon harvest yielded 5 tons of beautiful fruit at 23.6 brix.

Upon delivery to the winery, the fruit was destemmed and pumped into a stainless-steel tank. We bled 100 gallons from the tank and inoculated with a sparkling wine yeast in an experimental project that we nicknamed "CaberNat." The fermenting juice was chilled down to 58 degrees to encourage a slow fermentation...and slowly ferment it did! The CaberNat fermented in-tank for 20 days before it was ready to be bottled. On October 18th we bottled the CaberNat while it was still actively fermenting. For 6 months the wine rested in bottle, neck down, to finish fermentation and separate from the sediment (lees). 

On April 4, 2021, we disgorged the CaberNat, removing the sediment from the bottle, and then added Elise’s “secret sauce” (inspired by old world champagne dosage recipes) before recapping. The wine rested in bottle for an additional month before being labeled and released. 

A true labor of love...we hope you enjoy!


This is a sparkling wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. The name CaberNat is a combination of two words: Pét Nat (the sparkling winemaking method we use) + Cabernet Sauvignon (the grape varietal in this wine). The name started as an in-cellar nickname, but it stuck! 


Champagne starts with finished wine, to which a measured amount of sugar and yeast is added, forcing the wine into a secondary fermentation.

When you open a Pét Nat, on the other hand, you’re drinking something unforced, with about half the pressure of Champagne. Pét Nat is carbonated naturally in the primary fermentation process, and never goes through a secondary fermentation process. The grapes go from vine to bottle very quickly, which means most of the wine work happens naturally in the bottle. Pét Nat winemakers have to trust their fruit and their process, because there is little opportunity for intervention.

This is an unfiltered, unsulfured natural wine. A hazy appearance and a bit of sediment is part of the magic.


Its refreshing and spontaneous style is just the thing for summer. Enjoy now while the wine is young and vibrant. Before consumption, chill the bottle overnight in the fridge or upright in an ice bucket for at least 30 minutes. The cold will keep the sediment at the bottom of the bottle; a useful tip for drinkers of any naturally hazy wine!


Growing up Elise has always known her Dad to do two things at the ranch: Grow grapes and collect/restore antique pinball and slot machines. Elise made the decision to use pinball pop art for the Pét Nat labels and each vintage of Pét Nat pays homage to a different piece of pinball art from her Dad's collection.

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